Champange Runch | RUNCH FAQ
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Q: When will Race packet information be available?

A: A PDF Race Guide for Runch 3 will be available on our website a few weeks before the event.  It will have everything you need to know about Runch including packet pick up, 5k route map, brunch guidelines, parking etc.


Q: Are strollers allowed on the run?

A: Runch is a family event and welcome runners/walkers with strollers 100%. The only request is that runners with strollers stay to the back of their wave time and allow the runners that wish to run out first.


Q: Can I walk? Is there a time limit for the run?

A: Runch is NOT an officially timed event. Runners are more than welcome to run/jog/walk at their own pace.

Q: Do you offer vegan options?

A: We try to accommodate all diets as best we can, but unfortunately are limited in the # of vegan dishes served to our runners. However, we’re continuously working with our vendors on providing lighter options for our runners and have been able to accommodate “vegetarian” diets for most if not all of our dishes! We let our brunch  vendors know that ahead of time so that they are able to customize dishes to fit the “vegetarian” diet very easily.


Q:  Are friends and family allowed at the event?

A: Yes. The park will be open to friends and family members as well. Although, we definitely encourage friends and family to do Runch together; It wouldn’t be the same experience watching from the sideline.


Q: Can friends and family that don’t run come and have brunch with me?

A: No outside food or drinks will be allowed on site, but friends and family that just wish to brunch can purchase a brunch wristband 2 weeks before the event.


Q: Are outside food and drinks allowed?

A: NO outside food or drinks will be allowed on site with the exception of

UNOPENED water bottles. All open containers will be thrown away.

Q: I can’t make it to Runch, can I get a refund?

A: Unfortunately, we are past the deadline for which we allow full refunds but have the following options available for runners that can’t make it to Runch:


  1. Transfer registration to another runner for FREE. Transfers can be done anytime from now until the day of the event.
  2. Receive a credit for a future Runch event
  3. Receive a “partial” refund for 50% of the total amount. Last day to receive a “partial discount is October 1st. 2018.


Q: Can I bring my dog?

A: Even though we love animals, No dogs or pets will be allowed on site.


Q: What’s the distance of the run? Is there a 10k or half marathon option?

A: Champagne Runch 3 DTLA is a 5K unofficial route distance.